Rock Paper Scissors

Let's have the Fun!!!

What for You

Collect the NFT's for Metaverse Games

  • Get WhitListed for low price
  • Pre Sale @ 80 Matic (0.04 ETH)
  • public Sale @ 100 Matic (0.05 ETH)
  • Get the Rewards in form of FGT in game currency!
  • Merchandise
  • Free Gift's

10,000 unique NFTs

Rarity with a lot of attributes







Road Map


  • Build the RockPaperScissors Social Club Twitter page through organic growth.
  • Provide ~400 Whitelist spots based on various criteria. We will provide further WL spots as we get closer to mint. Please note - This will not exceed 500 in total.
  • Open access to the Discord for the public.
  • We will be providing FREE RockPaperScissors Social Club T-Shirts for all WL members after PRE Sale mint. At this stage, we will collect size information for these. Please note, while these are free, WL members will need to cover shipping fees
  • Provide up to 10 RPS NFT's & Merch giveaways in the lead up to mint.
  • Launch the RockPaperScissors (RPS) with the initial ~500 early access private launch (WL).
  • Launch the RockPaperScissors (RPS) NFT's via PRE sale.
  • Launch the RockPaperScissors (RPS) in full with the remaining via public sale.
  • The RockPaperScissors (RPS) NFT's will thereafter be able to be traded on secondary markets (OpenSea).


  • Future development funds will be generated with the intention to develop and expand the project through new proposals. These proposals will be driven by the membership of the RockPaperScissors Social Club.
  • Develop an area for merchandise of (RPS) to be sold via the website.
  • Kickstart monthly giveaways to RockPaperScissors (RPS) Social Club members - These will include gifts such as Playstations, Xbox’s, Iphones etc!
  • Open discussions with the RockPaperScissors (RPS) Social Club pertaining to the potential creation of an ERC-20 token that members could receive. Utility from this token will be decided by the membership. Initial thoughts include access to merchandise, passive income, live events, or future mints of potential secondary collections.
  • Fulfil the delivery of the FREE RockPaperScissors (RPS) Social Club T-Shirts for those WL members.
  • Deliver further exclusive benefits to societal members of the RockPaperScissors (RPS) Social Club, including early access to future mints, and WL spots for projects of interest..

RockPaperScissors (RPS) Merchandise

As an exclusive social club, we must stand up. We want people to know our community and know that when they see our logo, they look at Blockchain's most exclusive social club. With this wish, we will launch our own merchandise, which members will wear. Such sales will include this (RPS) T-shirt, which WL members will receive for FREE! more streetwear-inspired (RPS) products.Comming Soon!!!


TokenNomics (FGT)

Most of them will given to Dev community as Fun Games Token (FGT)!

Community 30%
Game Rewards 30%
Marketing and Free giveaways 10%


As the project Grow, We add more TeamMates!



For a good and long term gains i am building these products for the community


Leading game designer

We work with passion Here!


UX/UI Designer & Web Dev

Develope a stunning Visual Products


Community/CMM Manager

Build the Community for Having more financial Freedom

Fair distribution mechanics

There will be a lot to come!

Frequently Asked Questions

MINT Will Be Announced SOON!!!.

  • Yes!

  • Pre Sale:18 Matic (0.01 ETH) , Public Sale : 36 Matic (0.02 ETH)

  • 10,000 RPS Nft's

  • How do I buy a RPS NFT?

    On opensea

  • Aside from our winning team of crypto enthusiasts and digital media experts, we have watched the mass adoption of NFTs come to life and we quickly understood the difference between good and bad projects. We are tired of projects with influencers shilling who couldn’t tell you what an “NFT” stands for, the severe lack of community involvement with all hype and 0 innovation, lazy launches, fake followers and a complete lack of utility. So, we adopted the formulas from the winning projects we had the privilege of being a part of to create a new beast that will ensure financial gains for our diamond hand holders. The Wild Goat Gang was created by a team with a true passion for the NFT and digital collectibles space - people who enjoy innovating, pushing boundaries, and being experimental. We want this project to be for the community, and led by the community.

  • Your Queries Will be answered Via Twitter! Reach us Through DM on twitter